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There are so many skin care products to choose from. Based on feedback from clients and professionals, I have selected some of the best products for my studio.  After your consultation, skin analysis and facial service, I will recommend products designed to meet your skin care goals. 


A new science, a new molecule, a new you.  In the rainforest of decades ago, a  species of avocado revealed a compound-a discovery that has gained importance each passing year-a single compound of 302 molecular weight with the capacity to transform skin; a natural lipid that guides skin to look and act as it did when it was young. 

302 Sunscreen's components are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - no harmful chemicals. SPF 30 & 50; tinted and non-tinted for more information

BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDEListen to a conversation between Barbara Walters and Dr. Sinclair about Resveratrol

What's going on inside your body eventually comes out in the form of a physical signs such as illness, rashes, acne type lesions, allergies or an overall feeling of unwellness. To help combat this, I've partnered with Market America and am promoting one of the best Isotonix antioxidants in the coungry. Isotonix OPC3 (oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes) contain grape seed extracts and the bark of the maritime pine.  For a one-on-one consultation, please contact me.

Nutra-Metrix Isotonix Nutraceuticals - to see what supplements you really need, take a few minutes to fill out your personal Nutri-Physical. I will NOT see the results. A sheet will be sent to me stating what you're missing and we can go from there and look for tab that says Nutri-Physical

MOTIVES COSMETICS including Custom Blend foundation




Check out the below listed websites for a comprehensive listing of the benefits of ISOTONIX vs. taking the pill form of supplements (click below). Also, check out motives website to see & order cosmetics. Set up your own account and receive cash back on each purchase you make. If you'd like to try some of the makeup first, please contact me.

FACE REALITY ACNE PROTOCOL - proven method to get skin clear without prescription medication.

For anyone with mild to severe acne - you can see great improvement in your skin by being compliant at home and scheduled visits with me.  For more information and tips on acne, log onto